Here are a few tutorials I’ve written up over the years.


This is a walkthrough of how to make spectrograms in python that are customized for human speech research. The built-in functions scipy.signal.spectrogram and matplotlib.pyplot.specgram are both very general-purpose, so this tutorial defines a wrapper function to make the parameters more sensible for phoneticians and speech scientists.

repo | notebook

Plotting diphthongs

This tutorial goes through some of the considerations around diphthong plotting (chiefly deciding how many time points to plot). There are R and python versions (both are Jupyter notebooks), which differ slightly but cover the same basic material. Originally presented at a meeting of the UW Phonetics Lab, 2017-11-03.

repo | R notebook | python notebook

Logistic regression

This tutorial uses R to go through a simple example of modeling a binary variable smapled over a period of time. Data points are assumed independent, so there is no “within-subjects” aspect; just an ordinary generalized linear model using a logit link. Code for how the data were simulated is provided at the end.

repo | R notebook

Using the phonR package

This is the tutorial vignette for the R package phonR. It works better as a website than a PDF, and this way the package doesn’t take up extra space on CRAN’s servers.